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Wooden Capsules

The elegance and distinction of superior quality wood, at the service of your brand.

Food Products

A perfect meeting point between sustainability and innovation! LEGNOKAPS wooden capsules for food products go beyond the aesthetic dimension and represent a perfect harmony between quality, design, environmental responsibility, safety, and convenience. Perfect for gourmet products – such as special oils and luxury condiments – they add value to already exceptional products, enriching the purchasing experience.

Cosmetics and Perfumes

The union between the natural charm of wood and the delicacy and elegance of perfumes, creams or oils. Conscious that packaging is an extension of each product’s essence, we aim for each wooden capsule created by us to emphasize the beauty and exclusivity of each element. With innovative and sustainable design, our capsules reflect our dedication to excellence and luxury and represent the ideal choice for brands that wish to stand out in the market and offer a unique and sophisticated experience to their customers.

Distilled Beverages

The personification of elegance and quality! Combining tradition and innovation, we work to ensure that each capsule we design enhances what is most special about the product, brand, or message of the client. In addition to preserving the integrity of each beverage, our capsules add a touch of sophistication and luxury to the consumer experience. Each bottle is a work of art, and our capsules are the final touch that elevates them to a distinct level of quality and elegance.